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Resources & Finances

Easy Project Business

As part of the Easy Project Business plan, you get all the basic tools as part of the Essentials plan, along with time tracking, attendance, tasks, budgets, expense reports, and cash flow analysis.

Management of Resources

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Managing Agile Resources

The module facilitates classifying projects and teams at the top level while integrating skill management. Collaboration between people, teams, and projects is easier than ever before. Take an agile approach to resource management. In this module, you can optimize your resources to a new level.

The Master Plan for Resource Management

Using the Resource Master Plan, it is easy to identify projects with inadequate resources and allocate resources efficiently. Assigning tasks based on skill levels while maintaining a balanced workload for all employees is possible.

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Managing Competencies

A Competency Management system allows you to determine what your company is capable of, identify your employees’ competencies, and then utilize those competencies more effectively by defining clear project objectives and establishing a project plan.

Dashboard for Attendance

Your team members’ presence at work and absences are trackable. It simplifies the process of creating finance-specific budget reports.

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The Calendar application enables you to set reminders for yourself or a second user. A user’s schedule becomes visible immediately when they are engaged in other activities, e.g., meetings. Furthermore, it displays users’ attendance, preventing them from planning assignments while absent.

Vacation Approval Management

Irregular attendance can affect employees’ ability to utilize their time efficiently. A system to manage attendance enables workers and managers to track and plan attendance.

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Dashboard for Resources

The Resource Dashboard shows the busiest and least busy users, the most popular task types, and time consumption diagrams. Additionally, you can control discrepancies in allocations and see how many hours you have assigned.

Managing Finances

Dashboard for Budget Statements

Dashboard for Budget Statements lets executives and analysts preview budgets and forecast data in real-time. It helps you plan out your budget and forecasts in advance. Get an overview of the most revenue-generating, cost-effective, and profitable projects. Ensure your profit plan is on track or make comparisons with past data.

Dashboard for Payroll & Invoices

Every business should keep track of its payroll and invoicing operations. Take a quick look at your payroll and billing records. Know what invoices are due, overdue, and paid. It will help you keep track of your debt.

Dashboard for Finance

Financial management relies heavily on reporting financial operations to communicate financial details about business services to stakeholder groups, e.g., units within the company.

CBS – Cost Breakdown Structure

In the Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), all elements of the WBS breakdown in terms of their components’ costs. A continuous comparison between actual and budget prices occurs, and the system integrates with the cost control mechanism.

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Budgets for Project Expenses

Managing costs effectively is a crucial component of managing projects effectively. The Easy Project features let you develop and compare your project budgets. Project profitability appears by monitoring expenses, revenues, and payroll.

Gantt Chart of Cash Flow

You must select Cash flow from the Tools menu to view project cash flow. You can only use the Cash flow feature of Easy Project if it comes with the Money plugin. By clicking it, the timeline updates with a horizontal line. The numbers on this line represent income and expense balances over time.

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Timesheet-based Payroll & Invoicing

By integrating internal and external rates, Easy Project can automatically generate invoices and payroll sheets and send them directly to clients via CRM.

Zapier Integration of Financial Data

Would you like to know how Easy Project integrates with XERO and other accounting programs? Using the Zapier platform, you can instantly control your project budgets thanks to Zapier integration.

Risk management

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Managing Risks

Managing risk is integral to any project that follows a good risk administration process. Using this tool, you can take charge of your projects’ risks, put together risk matrixes within your company, and provide management with global risk reports. It allows for the controlled management of project risks under guidance in a particular project.