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Elevate your business operations with our Extensions. This comprehensive suite integrates resource allocation, financial oversight, client relationships, IT support, plugin adaptability, and DevOps efficiency into one cohesive solution. Made to fit your needs.


Test cases

Efficiently manage your testing activities directly within your projects. The combination of test cases with project management is of great assistance to IT companies conducting thorough testing of their solutions. It is also highly popular and valuable in industries such as automotive, offering comprehensive testing management for all testing methodologies.

GitLab Integration

Integrate your GitLab repository seamlessly with Easy Project’s issue tracking system to enhance the efficiency of your development process. Automatic synchronisation occurs every 24 hours, or you have the option to manually trigger it at any time. The setup process is quick and straightforward. Just three simple steps: naming the repository, inserting the URL and token, and you’re all set to collaborate with your own repository.

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Play Video

Easily create impactful UML or other diagrams directly within your tasks, dashboards, knowledge base, requirements, or test scenarios with our integrated diagramming tool. No additional software is required as you can edit and update diagrams seamlessly within Easy Project. Enjoy the convenience of having a alternative integrated directly within the platform.

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