Elevate your business operations with our Extensions. This comprehensive suite integrates resource allocation, financial oversight, client relationships, IT support, plugin adaptability, and DevOps efficiency into one cohesive solution. Made to fit your needs.


Outlook plugin

Effortlessly sync your Easy Project data with Microsoft Outlook. Save time with bidirectional synchronisation of calendars, contacts, tasks, CRM cases, attendance records, and other real-time data, enabling smooth collaboration and streamlined workflows

Knowledge Base 2.0

Built on the widely-used open-source MediaWiki technology and its professional distribution BlueSpice, our solution seamlessly integrates into the Easy Project environment. It offers a robust set of tools to effectively organise and scale documentation, processes, manuals, quality management, and other essential knowledge management needs within an organisation.

DMS – document management system

The Document Management System plugin offers convenient access to all your files and documents directly from Easy Project. It provides a familiar directory structure for efficient organisation, and document versioning ensures that you always have up-to-date files. You can approve all the documents for better circulation within your company.

Asset & Configuration management

Design and create custom data tables effortlessly, enhancing the system’s functionality. By using custom fields, you can customise everything to effectively organise and store essential information. Connect these tables to various elements within Easy Project, such as projects, tasks, users, and more. This offers users greater flexibility and control over your data. Whether it’s related to assets, warehouses, contacts, or simply a spreadsheet you wish to store directly in Easy Project.

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