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Integration of Easy Project

Here you find the best tools for synchronization or migrating data from third-party systems into Easy Project. Are you interested in how to integrate or migrate data from third-party systems to Easy Project? Then ask us for consultation.


Integration using Zapier

Do you wonder how to integrate Easy Project with third-party systems? Thanks to Zapier platform, it is pretty simple. Read more in this article.

Key features:

Outlook plugin

Synchronize your Easy Project data with Microsoft Outlook – quickly and easily. Save time with bidirectional synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks, CRM cases, attendance records, and other real-time data.

Key features:

Synchronization of calendars and contacts

Simply synchronize your calendars and contacts in Easy Project using any CalDAV or CardDAV compatible service, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple iOS, and Google Android OS! Save time with real-time bidirectional data synchronization.

Key features:

Data import in XML/CSV format

No more switching between applications when you need to open or edit data in different places. From now on, you can have all the data in one application only. The XML/CSV importer enables you to convert any existing data in a compatible format into Easy Project.

Key features:

Data import from Redmine

Easy Project is fully compatible with Redmine project tool. If you are going to upgrade from Redmine to Easy Project, there is nothing easier than taking a complete old database, including information about all projects, tasks and other entities, and migrating it to our application.

Key features:

Standardized imports

Data import from Microsoft Project

If you used Microsoft Project before going to Easy Project, you probably have a lot of data in need of transfer. You can do it very easily! This tool allows importing projects and tasks created in Microsoft Project into our application.

Key features:

Data import from Microsoft Excel

Import your data into Easy Project directly from a Microsoft Excel file. You can easily migrate entire projects, tasks and sub-tasks in one step, including automatic mapping migrated data to existing attributes in Easy Project.

Key features:

Data import from Jira

Jira importer is a very useful tool when you are going to convert any data from your existing Jira project system into Easy Project. Just export the relevant data from the Jira system and then follow our simple instructions for importing the file.

Key features:

Data import from Asana

If you want to migrate your projects and tasks from Asana to Easy Project, there is nothing easier than use this importer. First, export the selected data from Asana and then upload the exported data file to our application. Follow a few simple import instructions.

Key features: