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Get serious about keeping track of things

Real growth needs a real project management system. Hit your KPIs, fall in love with the ROI and keep it SMART. Use Easy Project 12.

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This sofware is better than your spreadsheets

Discover significant upgrade in overall productivity. What you can expect just after few months of using Easy Project on a daily basis?


Productivity boost


Efficiency increase


Cost reduction


Teamwork improvement


Time saved

What you can finally do?

Plan and schedule your projects faster

Finally switch to modern and easy to use management tools. Research-backed and tested features like timelines, task lists, Gantt charts and more will help you lead your company to success. Starting a new project from scratch? Use one of the premade template tailored for your use-case.

Spend less time tracking time

Improve team productivity, track time spent on tasks and make your life easier. Great for remote work, invoicing, project costing and planning your future projects. Need even more control? Let your managers approve all the worker timesheets.

Manage your resources effectively

Unleash the full potential of every resource within your reach. Assign resources to specific tasks, monitor their usage, and optimize their allocation across all projects. Acquire profound understanding of the domains where your workforce, equipment, materials, technology, or expertise can genuinely create a significant and lasting effect.

Collaborate smoothly

 No need for switching apps. Easy Project supports team communication, document management, and project wikis – all in one place. You can also easily integrate other tools like email, calendars, and chat. Proper and fast communication makes a difference.

Report in a few clicks

Do you need to summarise data quickly? Financial reports, project progress reports, resource reports and more reporting tools are just a gew clicks. Provide your clients, team or stakeholders with clean and comprehensive report in no time. And if you need to make your report from scratch, you can always prepare a custom one.

Manage your tasks with ease

Track progress, collaborate with your team and manage every task stress-free. Go complex with task dependencies, recurring tasks, subtasks and more. All from one tool that is capable of running your business with you.

For projects big or small

From IT to public sector, Easy Project isn’t just any project management system. It’s your project chameleon, flexing to fit individuals, teams, or entire companies. That’s Easy Project. That’s smart integration.

Easy to combine with the tools you love

As a versatile platform, Easy Project not only tailors to your unique management approach and industry-specific needs, but also connects seamlessly with over 1,000 apps via Zapier, enriching your workflow with expansive integration possibilities.

The decision is Easy

Collaborative work
Easy Project
MS Project
Resource management
Project finance & budgets
Customer management (CRM, HelpDesk)
DevOps (requirements management, test scenarios, repositories…)
Risk management
Mobile app

One month free trial. No strings attached

Access the full version of Easy Project for 30 days and boost your business. Cancel anytime.