Elevate your business operations with our Extensions. This comprehensive suite integrates resource allocation, financial oversight, client relationships, IT support, plugin adaptability, and DevOps efficiency into one cohesive solution. Made to fit your needs.


Lead Management

Switch to effortless and efficient CRM. Our new B2B CRM is designed to streamline lead management. With Easy Project, you can easily track the journey of each lead from the initial stage to the final stage, all while maintaining a clear overview of all sales activities.

Lead Processor

Being prepared for follow-up can win you a ton of leads. But in the digital era, not every lead is made the same, varying in relevance. The Lead Processor plays a pivotal role – it helps you  with distributing, segmenting, and prioritising leads among your sales team or partner network, enabling efficient and effective lead management.

Partner Management

Closely monitor your top partners and their progress in great detail within our B2B CRM. With this feature, you can expand your network of partners globally, enabling faster and improved product sales.

Account Management

Our B2B CRM offers a comprehensive and holistic view of your clients’ lifecycle. Combine it with the integrated project management platform, and in addition to traditional sales data, you will get an overview of delivery, projects, and customer care. All within a single system. Everything you need is conveniently available on one page.

Role-Based Homepages and Dashboards

Stay informed with customised sales forecasting reports that are easy to build. Through role-based scenarios, the sales director gains a clear overview of revenues, sales managers’ performance, and the sales pipeline. Real-time leaderboards allow you to identify which representatives are on track to exceed their targets.

Process and Project Support

Boost your sales department with essential project management features, including WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), Gantt charts, and agile management. Get more done, deliver more projects and get higher customer satisfaction.

Delivery E2E

Manage the entire sales process from the initial lead to the opportunity quotation, and all the way through to the final implementation – from one central tool. You can efficiently navigate each step of the process in collaboration with your partners to maximise the value of the deal. Your customers can simply sit back, relax, and witness their business flourishing with the help of your product.

Continuous Integration

Transform the CRM into a robust data source and manage the delivery of your products and services. Easy Project is well-suited for developing solutions that extend beyond standard products.

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