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Deployment of Easy Project

Easy Project offers all the latest deployment methods. The most popular, fastest and easiest way is to deploy Easy Project in the cloud, and there is a private cloud option for increased security, performance and stability, and the latest solution is deploying on your own server.

Easy Project Private Cloud

The private cloud is designed for clients who need the top security, speed, and availability of Easy Project. The private cloud provides clients with features of their own dedicated server while saving their internal IT resources. It is always deployed in the closest geolocation for maximum connectivity and speed.

Easy Project Global Cloud

Easy Project cloud is the best solution for your Easy Project hosting. 20+ sites across the globe ensure the best connectivity and performance. The cloud includes Easy Project, which is the newest Easy Project upgrade for the highest user experience and the best project management.

Easy Project Private Server

The server solution is designed for your own server (you host the software). By purchasing this solution you obtain installable software + the source code. The server solution includes three months of free updates. Updates are available for download in the client zone, to which you obtain access after the purchase. Further updates are paid.