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Help Desk

HelpDesk Dashboard

Manage and assign tickets in a few clicks. Our new HelpDesk dashboard enables you to efficiently handle your tickets and allocate available resources. Gone are the days of opening each ticket individually to update responsibility assignments. With the HelpDesk dashboard, you can simply preview your tickets in the ticket pool, identifying the required resources for each specific issue.

Statistics for HelpDesk

The most comprehensive overview of your support service performance – that’s Help Desk Statistics. Customise every view and see performance metrics by users and status. You can also compare statistics across different time periods, facilitating a cross-sectional analysis of performance.

HelpDesk Manager Dashboard

Everything that a Help Desk manager requires conveniently accessible on a single dashboard. With Action Buttons, you can swiftly distribute tickets among your team members. You can also easily update tickets that need your review and stay informed about all your meetings and your team’s performance.

HelpDesk Operator Dashboard

The Help Desk Operator Dashboard offers you a seamless ticket navigation – you can efficiently manage your performance. Additionally, the integrated Kanban feature enables you to monitor your requests to the development team for feature development and bug fixing.

Complex HelpDesk Settings

Personalise your Help Desk with advanced settings to suit your specific needs. Customise email templates for automated responses, incorporating corporate logos, signatures, and more. Configure your projects to automatically assign tickets and set specific SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for efficient ticket management.

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